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     Leo Tolstoy is famous for his use of very colorful, vivid and detailed imagery. His works are filled with imagery of nature, people and cities. An example of Tolstoy’s use of vivid imagery can be seen in his story Hadji Murad. 

“I was returning home by the fields. It was midsummer, the hay harvest was over and they were just beginning to reap the rye. At that season of the year there is a delightful variety of flowers — red, white, and pink scented tufty clover; milk-white ox-eye daisies with their bright yellow centers and pleasant spicy smell; yellow honey-scented rape blossoms; tall campanulas with white and lilac bells, tulip-shaped; creeping vetch; yellow, red, and pink scabious; faintly scented, neatly arranged purple plantains with blossoms slightly tinged with pink; cornflowers, the newly opened blossoms bright blue in the sunshine but growing paler and redder towards evening or when growing old; and delicate almond-scented dodder flowers that withered quickly.”

     Tolstoy’s use of visual and olfactory imagery, like yellow honey-scented rape blossoms and delicate almond-scented dodder flowers”, in this passage is so beautiful and easy to understand. The reader gets the same sensation as though he is standing there, inside the image with the character and can see, smell and feel everything around.