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Helpful Resources for Students

Life of Leo Tolstoy
Picture Gallery
Tolstoy's Themes
Theme Analysis
Tolstoy's Imagery
Tolstoy's Writing Style
Tolstoy's Literary Devices
What Critics Write
Topics of Related Interest
Helpful Resources for Students
Writers Influenced by Leo Tolstoy
Influences on World Literature
Literary Movements
Multimedia Links
Other Wonderful Sites
A Glance at Tolstoy's Masterpieces
Leo Tolstoy's Quotes
Works Cited

     The following four sites all contain works of Leo Tolstoy that can be read in internet, some of the works that can be found are War and Peace, all volumes, Anna Karenina, A Confession, Childhood, Boyhood, Youth, Father Sergius, Master and Man, Kreutzer Sonata and many other short stories.

     The following three sites are very useful when researching biography and life of Leo Tolstoy.

     The site Online Literary Criticism Collection contains various links to criticisms of Leo Tolstoy and his works. Those that research what critics say of Tolstoy should use this site:

     This is an official site about Leo Tolstoy. The site gives very detailed information about the world of Tolstoy starting from his family and works to the Russian society in whish he lived. Unfortunately, this site is in completely Russian and not many can use, but if you do speak Russian or have someone who can help, you should definitely use this site to research about Tolstoy.